Rotary Club of the Broadmoor District
November 6, 2015
Our meeting this week, November 12, will be in Remingtons II at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, our regular space.
Last Meeting Review:
Thanks John Weiler for getting us off on the right start with your invocation and leading us in the Pledge.
This week’s invocation will be given by Liz Anderson.
Welcome Back Liz!
Liz receiving her Paul Harris Fellow award
Glad you are up and about.  Sounds like some of the recovery complications are being fixed.  A much deserved recognition in the Paul Harris Fellow award for your extraordinary gift.
Foundation Month
November is Rotary Foundation month.  To support this worth cause, your Board of Directors has authorized granting a 100% point match for your donations to the Foundation.  Normally the Paul Harris Fellow level is granted for a $1,000 donation.  Now, through the end of the year, if you contribute $500, the club will grant 500 points which will qualify you for the award.  Smaller contributions will also be matched.
As you plan your year-end giving, please consider the Rotary Foundation as a recipient.
Service Above Self Award:
Gregg Thatcher has been a Rotarian and member of our club since 1990, 25 years.
He has held all of the leadership positions including president, secretary, treasurer, vice-president, and served on the board.  He has been a host family for one of our foreign exchange students.  Gregg has been active on the golf committee and was instrumental in making the tournament this year a success.  He has also stepped up to take on the time consuming and critical job of treasurer again for next year.  Obviously this person also knows the answer, “Sure, I’ll be glad to.”
He supports Rotary and our club not just by his service but also by being a Rotary International Benefactor.  Both he and his wife have multiple Paul Harris Fellow awards.  He also contributes to our dictionary project and other fund raisers.
He is a Colorado Pioneer and a Colorado Springs native.
Thanks, Gregg, for your example and support to both Rotary and our club.
Student Rotarians:
This week Gabby Papa (on the right) and Amy Nelson (on the left) from Cheyenne Mountain visited.  We look forward to their brief talk Thursday
From Harrison High School, Dallian Haynes and Jesus Rodgrez Samntibanez told us about their accomplishments.  These kids are impressive!
Dallian Haynes is the valedictorian at Harrison and involved in multiple extracurricular activities.  He is president of National Honor Society, volunteers in community activities, takes every AP class offered, was named an AP Scholar and is particularly active in choir.  Obviously modest about his accomplishments since Angela Wright, his counselor, had to mention that he is the valedictorian!
Dallian’s school of choice is University of Denver and field of study is animation.
Jesus Rodriguez Santibanez is also involved in choir and is planning a Christmas concert to benefit those less fortunate than he is.  Choir is his second family and has changed the way he sees the world.  He is involved in student government and earned the Outstanding Student Scholarship award.  He is also the oldest child of five and is busy helping them.  Somehow he finds time to work at Sonic.  He too takes all the AP classes he can.
Jesus’ school of choice is University of Colorado – Boulder and his field of study is engineering so he can help underdeveloped countries.
Weekly Program:
Scott Campbell is a conservation planner solving complex environmental, social, and economic problems.  He was selected as a Loeb Fellow at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design in 2015.  His program described the fellowship program and the global scope of the studies and diversity of those few who were selected.  Only 10 are selected annually from an international selection process.  Those selected are mid-career and already have outstanding accomplishments.  The fellowship lasts for one year and the class has free access to any course at Harvard or MIT.
What an opportunity to expand one’s knowledge base and “Be a Gift to the World” and to think he makes his home in Colorado Springs.
Service Projects:
Feed My Starving Children
Rex Adams has arranged for us to contribute two hours of our time to help feed children in underdeveloped countries.  We did this last year and had a good time “Being a Gift to the World”.  This event is Friday, November 20 from 2-4 p.m. at Grace Baptist Church, 3500 N. Nevada.
Lots of folks helping here, so if you want to be a part on Being a Gift to the World, let Rex know.  Feed My Starving Children is a well run event and needs to know how many are coming.
Kids on Bikes: 
What’s missing?
Fellow Rotarians at work.
Finished product, sans pathway and tree seating.
This is the bike library our club donated and helped paint.  Bikes are inside but there is not a walkway to get to them.  We need brick pavers to build a path to the storage unit and a seating bench around the tree just to the right.  If anyone knows where we might be able to get these, please let Rex know.
Club Dues:
Please be aware that club dues are payable upon receipt of your invoice.  This is sent via email, so be sure to open that attachment.  Statements are sent quarterly beginning July 1 of each Rotary year.  If you are past due, please send or bring your payment at this Thursday’s meeting.  Of course, if there is question on the bill, Bob McAdams will have the detail you need.
Chili Cook-Off
A fun event is happening this Friday, November 13 at UMB Bank –Broadmoor, 290 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.  From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. UMB is hosting a chili cook-off contest and lunch to benefit families in need during Christmas.  You will hear more about the Adopt a Family program this Thursday.  Tarah King will have all the info you need.  Sounds like a super fun time to me.
Future Events:
November 12       Adopt a Family for Christmas
November 13       Chili Cook-Off at UMB bank.  11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
November 18       Rotary on Tap.  Hatch Cover at 5:00 p.m.
November 19       Bob Cutter with State of the City
November 20       Feed My Starving Children service project 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
November 26       No meeting.  Happy Thanksgiving!
December 3         Widefield Special Needs Kids Christmas Party
December 10       Club Christmas party with spouses.
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Now: “Be a Gift to the World