Jen Karber, President of the Broadmoor Rotary Club, presents a check for $6,000 to Nikki McComsey, Executive Director of Kids on Bikes.
The Broadmoor Rotary Club is delighted to donate $6,000 to the non-profit Kids on Bikes.  At its most recent luncheon meeting, Jen Carber, President of the Broadmoor Rotary Club, presented the grant to Nikki McComsey, Executive Director of Kids on Bikes.
The mission of Kids on Bikes is to inspire and empower all kids to lead healthy, active and happy lives through biking.  For her work in Innovation in Sports and Wellness, Nikki McComsey was recognized this past January by Colorado Springs’ Mayor Bach as one of five top Young Leaders in Colorado Springs area.  Kids on Bikes’ three priorities are to provide all kids access to well-working bikes, empower kids and families in bike safety, and create a healthy community that explores neighborhoods, parks and trails together.
The $6,000 donation by the Broadmoor Rotary Club is earmarked for one of two new Bike Libraries to be installed this spring by Kids on Bikes.  The Bike Libraries provide a small bike center installed in collaboration with Colorado Springs Community Centers.  Used shipping containers are re-purposed into bike lockers and then filled with refurbished bikes, tools and parts.  The Bike Libraries are used for community activities, such as Kids on Bikes’ earn-a-bike program, bike shop repairs, bike clubs or rental programs.  A Bike Library is installed at Meadows Park Community Center, and the two new Libraries will be at Deerfield Hills and Hillside Community Centers.